29 aug. 2011


31-08-'11 The Jones from 0.00 till 4.00
02-09-'11 Dante from 20.30 till 0.30  
02.09.'11 Club Rain from 3.00 till 4.00 
03-09-'11 Hotel Arena from 3.00 till 4.00 

31-08-'11 The Jones

02-09-'11 Dante
dante amsterdam

02.09.’11 JOYRIDERS @ Club Rain 
I will be given away some spots for the G-list 
Just send a p.m with your name to  djisaacblaze@gmail.com before friday 19.00 and I'll make sure you'll get on 
the G-list + 1 So you can bring a friend.

03-09-'11 STOUT @ Hotel Arena 

22 aug. 2011

26th of august FRESHLY BAKED @ club Home (Guestlist availible)

Come and celebrate the weekend with us @ club Home. 
10 dj’s who brings you all kinds of different sounds in 2 different area’s. 
From Minimal, Techno and TechHouse to Disco, Soul, Hip Hop and R&B.
To make it more interesting I will be given away 10 spots for the Guestlist 
(free entrance till 0.30). Those who first send an email  to djisaacblaze@gmail.com  with his/her full name will get on this list and can bring a friend for free as well. (will be confirmed before 20.00h on Friday). So I guess I'll see ya @

20 aug. 2011


LANX is a sorority from Amsterdam. (http://www.komlanx.nl/)
Last thursday night (18th of august 2011) I was performing again at one of their party's  halt in their own club right in the middle of Amsterdam at the Dam square . I had made some pictures (6) with my phone while I was deejaying and the only thing I can say is thanks for having me again, you always know how to party hard.

10 aug. 2011

GWAAN by Dough 'nut

This next clip is made by  Dough 'nut almost a years ago. Dough 'nut, two talented young men who are making bad ass videoclips about pretty much everything their interested in, fashion, lifstyle, etc, etc. GWAAN was coming up, a clunight where Im a common guest, presented by the Hague finest (SIZED) at Paard van Troje. 
Dough 'nut was filming thanight, so we drank a little bitogether backstage till it was time for me to hithe stage. After 2 weeks they had posted their version of GWAAN. Lucky for me these guys had captured footages of me making the crowd go crazy and used a lot of it for this promo video. So with this being said lets take a look at the result... 


Wednesday nights @ The Jones (Dansen bij Jansen)

Like every wednesday night,  I'll be performing tonight n @ DbJ (aka The Jones).
Yours  truly doing a 4 hour set filled with nowadays hits which are smoothly mixed with classics and future classics. From Pop to Rock, from Hip Hop to Dubstep or from Disco to House, we do it all. Guess ll see ay @ the dance floor...!!!