12 sep. 2011

Slicker than your average mixtape II

In the past I had performed under another artistname, Trunks.
Why Trunks you say ?? Well Trunks was a name that was given to me in a time that my hair matched with a caracter from a cartoon called Dragon Ball Z.  Also at that time my pants was hangin very low, as a fashion statement, you could see my trunks. So it wasn't  that  weird I guess. With this being said I hope you enjoy a "blast from the past"..
Slicker than your average mixtape II 
A Mixtape I made under that alias.... 
Slicker than your Average Mixtape II by isaacdemeer
Hip Hop & RnB the Golden Era ( Late 90's ) Artists on this mixtape are:
Something for the People, Aaliyah, Shaggy, Missy Elliott, Jay Z, Foxy Brown, Dru Hill, Lil Kim, Ll Cool J,
Old Dirty Bastard, 702,SWV, Allure,Nas, Janet Jackson, TLC, Notorius BIG, Monifah, Heavy D, Lost Boyz
Skeelo, 2pac,& Jazzy Jeff......